If you are a girl and when this kind of time is occurring, you tend to think of it must be perfect as this day is very important and memorable. That is why most of the people tend to invest more of the souvenir so that the people who are invited could not forget the wedding that they attended to. In this article we’ll talk about different wedding ideas for a souvenir for the guest to be reminded by your special day and the memories the day brought to them. Whether it is DIY or made by others, surely, they will be reminded of your very special day in your life which is your very own and husband’s wedding day.

• Sanitary and Design-Worthy Wedding Souvenir Ideas

Sanitary products and ornamental souvenirs have been a hit for wedding days as they are useful for your life and can make your house or things livelier with the souvenir. Soaps are quite popular as a wedding souvenir, to make it even better it would be good if you make it handmade with your hands because they are more meaningful. You could have a magnet with your wedding photoshoot pictures for the guest to put in their fridge, you better call the wedding photography(er) for the photoshoot to be dealt. Moscow mule mugs are not that common but they are quite helpful for the guest and they better than the common shot glass and pint glass for a wedding souvenir.

• Fall Wedding Souvenir Ideas

Fall weddings are quite popular and trendy nowadays and if you were to hold a fall wedding, we got you with what souvenirs are perfect for your own fall wedding. A famous fall wedding souvenir is a caramel apple, they bring a fall-like ambience in your wedding with their color and they are delicious and nutritious at the same time. Another souvenir idea is a hot cocoa mix, it’s a pair between a small bottle with marshmallow inside and a packet of hot cocoa mix that will warm your heart. An adorable and useful souvenir for fall is a small pumpkin with a pumpkin seed that will surely be useful around spring time and has a fall feel into it.

• Food Wedding Souvenir Ideas

Everyone loves food but it’s quite hard to find a food that’s suitable for your guest taste but if you were to have a food souvenir it would be memorable. Donuts are quite popular to have as a wedding souvenir, just pack them in cute little box with yours’ and your husband’s name and the date of the wedding day. Sweet little macarons are also quite popular as a food souvenir idea, but 3 themed macarons in a small box then you are done with the wedding souvenir for different guests. Sweets are popular for a wedding but savory foods like french fries with a pair of coke are also great for a food souvenir and also for an appetizer.